“Experience is what you get when you didn’t get what you wanted. And experience is often the most valuable thing you have to offer.” – Randy Pausch, The Last Lecture

SEO Consultant Interview Series #40: Rick Ramos


Rick Ramos is a seasoned veteran in online marketing with over eighteen years of experience developing global brands for companies of all sizes. He has written several best-selling books on online marketing, including books on content marketing, landing page optimization, social media, blogging and more. (from About) I encourage you to connect with Rick through […]

SEO Consultant Interview Series #39: Kit Cuenta

Kit Cuenta

Kit Cuenta Considers her self as a social unicorn! She’s a social media marketer, content writer and an entrepreneur who runs her online shoe store. When not in Social, you can find her playing mmorpg and real-time strategy games, like League of Legends, Dota and Diablo2. (from About) I encourage you to connect with Kit […]

SEO Consultant Interview Series #38: Jason Delodovici

Jason Delodovici

Jason James Delodovici is a serial entrepreneur and digital market who currently works at When I Work, an employee scheduling and attendance software for small businesses. What is your primary marketing goal when it comes to delivering results? This all depends on what the goal is of your marketing campaign. Is it to increase email subscribers? Is […]

Stretch Out and Wait

A Beginners Intro to SEO


Search Engine Optimization. When I first heard this absurd word combination, I burst into laughter. Frankly speaking, to me, it sounded like a third class sci-fi movie or a dull dystopian novel title. I imagined Jason Statham in a Japanese-inspired titanium ammo firing millions of bullets from a hologram sawn-off shotgun to Chuck Norris, who […]

How Sales And Marketing Are Different

And Why Branding And Marketing Are Also Different

Marketing Versus Sales

(Note: In a recent interview that I had with a really big SEO Guru I was asked what is the difference between marketing and sales. I believe that I was able to answer him thoroughly but then I think it would be better if I include this topic in my blog just for my readers […]

The Importance Of Persuasive and Seductive Writing


We always hear about seduction in adult romance films, in ‘how to’ books about dating, and in closing a deal between a marketer and his audience. And since we are into marketing, websites, and online business, let’s cut the first two off from the list and let’s focus on the latter. Our business requires huge […]